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Shungite is an ecological natural mineral, because of it’s healing and antibacterial properties, it has been named “The Stone of Life”. The Karelia region of Russia lays the largest deposit of “Shugite” in the entire world. The first Russian resort “Marsial Waters” located in the Karelia area used the waters running through the Shungite to heal various illnesses such as; heart disease, allergies, skin diseases, genecology, arthritis, etc.

This presents a unique opportunity to make a mini-spa in your home right now. You just place some Shungite in some water and the water will become purified and charged with energy, and biologically rich.

The scientists of the Russian and Swiss academies have investigated the healing properties of Shugite, and with proven positive results. They also determined that Shungite is a good shielding device for electromagnetic radiation, and produces a good influence on the body in general.

 Shungite can help everyone feel healthy, and youthful, and remain active for many years.

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